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White Sand and Stone


Our coaching engagements support you by providing a range of possible paths and routes to take your business to the next level


Proven methodology best suited for entrepreneurs, indiepreneurs, creators, makers, start-up owners and operators to scale their business to their desire. Programs run from 8 weeks to 12 months

  • Includes planning, monthly, quarterly and yearly

  • Custom road map to brand strategy

  • Monthly Check-ins

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Weekly accountability check-ins 45 minutes


Perfectly matched for successful managers leaders and C-Suite executives to align behaviour with organizational strategy, increase team performance and enhance business outcomes.

  • Support in gaining self-awareness

  • Expanded leadership competence

  • Includes leadership training

  • Weekly accountability check-ins 45 minutes

  • Includes planning monthly quarterly and annually


From spirituality to Wellness our coaches support you in aligning with your higher purpose. Ideal for healing practitioners, therapists, estheticians, massage therapists and impacts.

  • Use of breathing exercises and meditation to enhance vibration

  • Customize sessions to release energy that no longer serves

  • Lifestyle advise, mindfulness support and balancing masculine and feminine energies

  • Tap into your truth to reveal your deepest desire

  • Ideal for empaths who needs support navigating boundary challenges


Reconnect with your creative passions! Ideal for artists, writers, photographers and creative types all things around us affect our creativity including mood vibration energy and surroundings through creative coaching we support creative types to do more work that satisfies their souls.


We will work with you to understand and embrace today's critical business technology rather than avoid it. 


We can put you on the track to building a collaborative culture and cross-functional teams within your organization.

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